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For Wedding Industry Professionals:

here’s how we consistently book
high-budget weddings

(Without Dealing with Price Shopper Brides & Wedding Wire)

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Want our team to personally work with you to bring in high budget wedding inquiries and bookings?

For Wedding Industry Professionals:

Here’s how we consistently book
high budget weddings

(Without Dealing with Price Shopper Brides & Wedding Wire)

Dear wedding business owner, 

Would it surprise you to know that we can get consistent wedding inquiries and bookings for your wedding business every month?


Of course you are!

But, stick with me and I’ll make it worth your while.

We found that the same model we used for dozens of industries over the years, works especially well for the wedding industry

Our clients are able to relax and let their wedding leads come in on auto-pilot.

Their booking and proposal process is faster and easier.

So they can have more free time while increasing their profit margin.

Just like Happily Eco After, who is booking her ideal clients at the right price point for 2023 after using our system

Consistent High-Budget Inquiries & Bookings

"Our company went from selling small bouquet orders to booking big wedding packages with ideal clients!"
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Happily Eco After
Wedding Florist

No more wasting time on price-shopper brides, going to tedious wedding expos or burning out on social media.

Depending on your servies, you can increase your  monthly revenue by $3,000-20,000+



Early Bird BONUSES:
Bonus #1 Lead Magnet Design
Bonus #2 Custom Proposal Template Design
Bonus #3 Customer Journey Audit
Bonus #4 Customer Journey Coaching Call

You can join our happy clients and get results like these:

Nearly 30,000 Units Sold!

Irene can bring any idea to life! She has this way of getting inside your brain and getting to the heart of your brand. 
Tracy McElroy
Founder | AFO Baby

Irene Gets Wedding Pros

"I have worked with Irene on many projects. She is highly professional and very gifted. I would highly recommend her services for your business especially in the wedding industry."
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Julie Musial
Owner | Musial Consulting


"I couldn't be happier with the website created for me! Starting out on my own, the site perfectly conveyed everything I wanted"
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Michael Jeffrey
Owner | Woodspirited Lawn & Garden
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Building Strong Brands Since 2012


Talk Soon!

P.S. I will see you on the call. I can’t wait to talk to you. Don’t miss this call, if you need to reschedule then make sure you do that in advance as I don’t reschedule with no-shows.

P.P.S. Get in a quiet place to take the call, so you can take notes. I’ll be going over everything you’ll need to do this. I look forward to helping you!

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