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Top 3 Tips for choosing the right photos for your website

A lot of strategy goes into the images I choose for my clients’ best live dealer casinos websites or branding.

I always recommend professional brand photography, but if it’s outside of the client’s budget, stock is the next best thing.

Still, when it comes to stock, we can’t have photos that are too obviously “stock” (way too corporate, unrealistic smiles and positions/situations etc.) So it’s our job as designers to choose photography that is on-brand for our clients.

Simply squeezing in some poorly lit selfies or pixelated product images is a complete no-no. It would degrade the quality of the website and brand image in an instant–website visitors take 1-3 seconds to form an impression of the site they visit!

I hope these guidelines help set you on the right path and if you would like more info don’t hesitate to reach out via the contact form!

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Choose Photos that are Aligned with Your Brand Image/Tone

If the brand is fun and playful then we choose images with that tone. This is where more creative and out-of-the-box ideas like incorporating dogs or quirky hairdos can really shine. On the other hand, if the brand is luxury then silliness is off-point and the photos chosen need to exude high quality, professionalism and affluence.

Elicit the Emotions that You Want Your Services to be Associated With

When it comes to selling your products, people are less interested in the features and more interested in the results that they will get after purchasing. Some example emotions are relief, prestige, relaxation or sex appeal. Those results can then be depicted with the right photos so that the message becomes subliminal. The images can be subtly suggesting that, for example, the sexy black dress will make you look desirable or prestigious, or they could be more obvious like the classic photo of someone relaxing in a hammock after investing in a service that provides peace of mind or saves them time.

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Choose photos that are relatable to your target demographic

If your target audience is young or old, men or women, in a certain geographic setting or season, these all play a role in the photo selection. Older people would not relate to images of young people and vice versa, an upscale audience would not relate to photography that looks low-end and unprofessional.