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Brand Design

Tracy came to us with a brand new business idea: quality sock wear for children who wear leg braces. We designed a fun and playful logo for her brand with the mascot being a likeness of her own son and then created a bright and cheerful identity and colour palette to convey the brand feel for all of her assets from her social media to the sock packaging.

Irene can bring any idea to life! She has this way of getting inside your brain and getting to the heart of your brand. 
Tracy McElroy
Company Founder

nearly 30,000 pairs sold!


Lets make your brand look polished, consistent and high quality


Brand Design
Web Design

When Michael reached out to Dream In Digital, his company was just an idea in his head. After we created his logo, truck decal, business cards, and staff uniforms, we launched his website and created marketing materials for local distribution. The company launch worked seamlessly across web and print bringing in lots of new leads and clients for his brand new Kitchener-based business.

"I couldn't be happier with the website created for me! Starting out on my own, the site perfectly conveyed everything I wanted"
Michael Jeffrey

made $120,000+ since launch

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