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pinterest tips for wedding pros

Don't Use Pinterest for your wedding business until you read this!

Are you using Pinterest for your wedding business? Stop using it the way everyone tells you to because most of those tactics only work for online businesses with no geographic restrictions. Read on to learn why regular Pinterest tactics don’t work for all wedding businesses and what to do instead.

What’s Great about Pinterest

Pinterest is touted as one of the world’s largest search engines, it’s the place everyone goes to for finding inspiration, examples of certain looks and styles and of course, to plan their wedding. The appeal with Pinterest is that its pins can last for 6 months to even a year, compared to Instagram posts and reels which fizzle out within a few days never to be relevant or searchable again.

Pinterest has been especially helpful for e-commerce brands that sell goods which can be shipped all over the world and it’s supposed to be very helpful for wedding businesses like florists, photographers and venues because so many brides use Pinterest to help them plan their weddings. Actually using Pinterest the same way as bloggers and e-commerce brands do would not work for wedding professionals like florists or cake makers.

Why Pinterest Doesn’t Work the Same Way for Wedding Businesses

The traditional way for creatives and wedding pros to use Pinterest is to showcase their work; so you would upload your beautiful photography, wedding cake designs or bridal bouquets and hope that a bride out there would love your style and hire you right? Except that there are millions of Pinterest users all over the world and the chances that the bride who likes your work is in the same geographic location as you are very slim! Brides are rarely searching by location and more likely to use style descriptors like “rustic” or “elegant” as their keywords. Once they find images that they like, they save them to their Pinboard and then use those as examples to share with a local wedding professional when describing their style or what items they are looking for.

Sure there are some exceptions to this: if you are a bridal gown shop and you ship internationally you can be very successful with Pinterest. If you are a destination wedding venue, there will be plenty of brides searching for venues by geographic location like “wedding venue Cabo” and you can be successful on Pinterest as well. But, the majority of wedding businesses only serve their immediate geographic area and chances of being booked to fly in for a wedding are very low.

Watch This Video to Get Another Tip of the Right Way to Use Pinterest

What To Do Instead

Instead, use Pinterest to bring traffic to your website. Even if the traffic is not from your geographic location, any boost in traffic will help your SEO. If you have a blog on your site, create a few pins for that blog and share those on Pinterest to get readers over. This will signal to Google that your website is helpful and useful for wedding-related topics and this will help you climb the rankings. You can even choose to send traffic to your Instagram profile if you prefer that to your website.

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