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How to Get more wedding clients

For your Wedding Business in the Photography, Florist or Event Venue niche.


A Google Business Profile is an amazing way to bring more traffic to your website and (assuming your website is conversion optimized) get more inquiries for your wedding business. If you already have a Google Business Profile, here are our 3 tips for keeping it healthy and optimized so it can do its job:

#1 Upload lots of Photos

Make sure you upload all the photos that you would want associated with your wedding business and brand; the kind of photos that you would choose for your portfolio, photos that show your work, your style and your abilities. Don’t forget to make sure your logo and website address are tastefully added to the bottom of the photos so that once they are out there on their own in the huge world of the internet, they can still be tracked back to you and you can still get traffic back to your site even if your image has been saved and re-shared.

#2 Fill Out All the Sections

Make sure your services, business details, amenities, and of course description is filled out to the max. Include keywords in your business description and try to make the description sound really attractive so that viewers would be enticed to visit your website. Add all the services that your wedding business does under the services section, so if you do engagement shoots that’s one service, wedding shoots are another, family photo shoots another, and so on.

#3 Make Regular Updates

Google likes to make sure that the business is active on their Google profile, that they update their holiday hours, post events, updates and promotions at least 2 times per week. So you can think of it as another social media account in that sense, if you have an update that’s worth sharing on Instagram you can share it on Google as well, if you wrote a new blog post or are having a sale, turn that into a Google Profile update too.


Make sure that your company name makes it clear what you do, if you have a quirky or fun name like “Wedding Pretty” it wouldn’t be clear to the viewer whether you do wedding dresses, wedding makeup or something else, and they might not read your full profile to try to figure it out, so make it easy for them, add a little endash with a descriptor like “florist” or “photographer” so it’s clear what your wedding business offers.

Following these tips is very simple but definitely has a huge payoff, organic traffic to our client Happily Eco After comes primarily from our Google Profile because it shows up both on Maps and on Google Search, and every month we get 12,000+ views on that business from Google Search + Maps, so it’s definitely a worthwhile investment!

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My number one piece of advice for wedding businesses that need more client bookings and want more leads coming into their business is making sure that they have the perfect–.
–Excuse my daughter out there–is making sure that their Google My Business listing is, first of all, up there and second of all, optimized.
So a lot of businesses, if they work from home for example, they don’t realize that they’re totally eligible for Google My Business.
Actually it’s called a Google Business Profile.
now, they changed it, but everybody is still familiar with Google My Business.
even if you are working from home, for example, you’re a photographer,
and you offer services for wedding clients.
You have a specific geographic area in the radius of your location that you service and that you offer services within.
So right away that qualifies you for a Google My Business listing, because people are locally searching for photographers in their area and you should be popping up in those search results.
So number one thing, get a Google My Business or Google Profile set up and running and then,the second thing is, make sure that it’s optimized…
so a lot of people kind of put it up there, do it really quickly and then just forget about it.
The important parts are to make sure your upload pictures thaare regularly, because that’s what, you know, especially in the wedding industry, pictures that were put out there are huge, so people are definitely going to be looking at that.
And second of all, make sure you maximize the descriptions.
You fill out the services section with the different specific services that you offer.
That your name is clear: that from the name of your company, it’s clear what you do.
If it’s not, add a little descriptor with a dash.
You know, wedding photographer or cake
artist or wedding planner.
And then the other thing is, don’t forget about it in the long run. Eevery time you make a blog post or you have any sort of updates,put them under the Google My Business profile as well.
It’s important that Google sees that you’re active on the profile.
So it’s almost like a social media account where you post there two, three times per week
people, I see that you’re active on there and Google sees that you’re active on there and then it makes a huge difference.
I know for myself, I own several businesses, one of them is a wedding business andmost of my traffic comes from my Google My Business profile.
It’s another way to jump to the top of the results.
Depending on where the customer who is searching for you is located, you will jump to the top.
of that geographic location if you have a Google My Business profile, that’s properly optimized.
That’s my number one piece of advice for any wedding businesses that are looking to get more leads, more clients.

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Irene owns a wedding florist business as well as a design and marketing agency for wedding pros.
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