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Marketing for Wedding Photographers

There are so many marketing options out there that it might be pretty overwhelming! At Dream In Digital, we like to use marketing that has trackable, proven results with a good ROI (return on investment) to help Wedding Photographers get more client bookings. So our preferred marketing method is Google Ads.

You might wonder, what are the steps to running successful Google Ads? There are a lot of factors involved, which is why we recommend you let professionals handle your Google Ads account rather than trying to manage it on your own, but here are some tips that can give you an overview of how successful ad management works.

Successful Google Ads Marketing

We start with the following metrics:

  • Target audience
  • Age limit
  • Geographic Location
  • Budget

Then we do our research around the niche and see what kind of search volume we have in that niche and location for their services.

We then take the keywords which are most relevant and have a high volume (people are searching often) and then we set up the ads campaign and bidding in order to get the top spot.

Whenever someone searches for the services that are relevant to our ad and landing page we will be at the top.

To make sure we are not getting irrelevant traffic to the website we will target only the service area where the wedding photographer’s services are available,

And then we run continuous monitoring to make sure there aren’t any keywords eating up the budget and not converting.

Every month we keep optimizing the campaign to make sure we’re on track and getting our clients lots of inquiries!

If you’d like to see if Google Ads are right for you wedding business, book a free consultation with Irene and let’s find out!

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Irene owns a wedding florist business as well as a design and marketing agency for wedding pros.

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