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If you have questions about what the heck is a Brand Identity and what does it all mean and where does it fit in in the scheme of things like web design brand strategy and positioning then take a look at this video I made for you.

Video transcript

Hi guys irene here from dream digital i
wanted to talk today about what is a
visual brand identity it’s something
that we design for our clients
but when someone is searching for it and
they’re struggling with the term i want
to explain what a visual brand identity
is so the example i love to give is when
you think of coca-cola
and i bet you imagine the color red i
bet you imagine kind of their
curvy font
the classic coca-cola look
right so
the reason that sticks in your mind is
because they are consistent with their
brand visuals they always use their
brand color red they always use their
logo in a similar way they kind of
always look the same and that’s the goal
you want to look the same with every
content that you’re putting out
maybe not the same in terms of like
being boring and repetitive but the same
in terms of being
consistent and just organized with
knowing you know what your brands are
what your colors are
and how they’re being used some people
think of
using the same colors and fonts they
feel like it might be a little bit
so that’s something that i usually talk
to my clients about because
to them they see their brand stuff
constantly right because that’s their
brand so they’re dealing with their
brand visuals on a daily basis but to
other clients like their customers their
target demographic they don’t see their
brand constantly they see it once in a
while for your target demographic to see
the same
colors and fonts once in a while it
creates brand recognition and it builds
trust they feel
comfortable they feel a familiarity with
your with your brand that consistency
creates that
builds on that
know like and trust factor
so when i create a brand identity a
visual brand identity for a client i
like to set them up for that consistency
to make it as easy as possible so that
all they have to do is
log into their Canva folder and they
have their
story templates they have their post
templates they have their email header
they have their
um letterhead everything that they would
need to put out any sort of content from
their company
will always be brand resistant and
professional so it will continue
building that brand recognition and help
with that knowledge and trust factor